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“Your Attorney’s experience and knowledge are keys to your outcome. This is a Federal crime, your lawyer needs Federal experience.”

— B. E. J.

Thomas J. McHugh responds to reporters.

“This is without a doubt the largest employment tax-fraud case that the Western District of Texas has ever seen.”

— Mike Lemoine, spokesman for the IRS’ Criminal Investigation division in San Antonio, as reported to the San Antonio Express News.

Complex, high-profile case involving narcotics smuggling by a leading international drug cartel.

Thomas J. McHugh was the chief prosecutor for the United States Attorney’s office in El Paso, Texas at the time.  His role in the case was later published in the book “Drug Lord: A True Story: The Life and Death of a Mexican Kingpin” by Terrence Poppa.

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The experience to win and the grit to persevere.

Thomas J. McHugh is a criminal defense attorney with experience in drug and major crime prosecutions.  As a former federal and state prosecutor, he knows government strategies from the inside out and will use that experience to fight for you.  Past high-profile, complex prosecutions involved a top international drug cartel, one of the largest employment frauds in Texas, large-scale political corruption, and a widespread multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme, among others. You deserve representation with a proven track-record of success.

Rooted in trust, compassion, and integrity.

Big case or small, find an attorney that understands you and has your back.  In any criminal case there may be ups and downs, but do not come unglued.  Lean on your lawyer.  Successful attorney-client relationships are built upon a foundation of trust.  Your attorney is an extension of yourself, and will team with you in representing your interests and explaining your options.  Finding representation with a reputation for honesty and integrity is key — with the government and client alike.

Passionate advocate. Universally respected.

As a former Federal Prosecutor, State Prosecutor, and City Chief in a U.S. Attorney’s Office, Thomas J. McHugh possesses the respect, leadership and legal acumen to persuade and to prevail.  He works hard for his clients’ rights and protections, and is a fierce advocate even in the most sensitive and delicate of cases.  As a prosecutor he made big cases; as a defense attorney he knows first-hand where those same cases may be vulnerable.

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