The cases below include both defense and prosecution. Having argued both sides is invaluable for knowing first-hand how various prosecution strategies may be vulnerable.

“The North American lawyer stated that his client ‘is in a good and positive mood. He is ready and available to defend himself against this accusation.'”

Jorge Torres López pleads not guilty to US authorities
El Siglo Coahuila. 1 Nov 2019

“‘In effect and in an attempt to see which charge(s) may stick, the government threw…the proverbial kitchen sink of charges at the defendant,’ McHugh, wrote in his summation.”

Case of San Antonio man accused of fraud in dog-training school now in judge’s hands
San Antonio Express News. 29 Oct 2019

“McHugh commended [law enforcement] ‘for being open to the notion of possible innocence, for always listening and for never being satisfied, for continuing to test their evidence and their theories, and above all, for recognizing that justice is not some obscure law school concept but is an ideal and a goal which has application and should be embraced by anyone who walks the halls of courthouses everywhere.'”

Wrongly accused in killing of a pre-school boy, man may go free
San Antonio Express News. 5 Apr 2018

“Though he left San Francisco in 1968, San Francisco never left him.”

Ex-fugitive ‘Santa’ gets 18 months in prison for pot
San Antonio Express News. 2 Feb 2018

“McHugh said his client had ‘a smile as broad as his shoulders’ when he was told the indictment was dismissed.”

Wrongly accused in killing of a pre-school boy, man may go free
San Antonio Express News. 5 Apr 2018

“Requests for a court-appointed lawyer create ‘great misunderstanding with the public,’ said San Antonio criminal-defense lawyer Thomas McHugh.”

Uresti wants taxpayers to pay for his appeal
San Antonio Express News. 11 Jul 2018

“At his peak, Pablo Acosta may have controlled 60% of the coke trafficked into the U.S., according to Poppa. The author shows that Acosta consolidated his power by murdering rivals, corrupting local police and soldiers, distributing money to the poor and contributing generously to civic projects.”

Drug Lord: A True Story: The Life and Death of a Mexican Kingpin
Terrence E. Poppa. Apr 1990.

“Two men involved in San Antonio’s largest identity theft case received prison sentences Thursday.”

Pair prison-bound in ID theft case
San Antonio Express News. 13 Aug 2010

“Thompson was part of a six-person network that raised more than $100 million from hundreds of investors around the country in return for promises of lofty returns on investments made with major foreign banks.”

Man admits Ponzi scheme
San Antonio Express News. 21 Jul 2011

“Santibanez’s attorney, Tom McHugh, complained to Rodriguez that their clients’ cases are in limbo while the bureaucracy in Washington makes up its mind.”

Cop’s killing among 28 deaths blamed on Texas Mexican Mafia
San Antonio Express News. 5 May 2016

“This is without a doubt the largest employment tax-fraud case that the Western District of Texas has ever seen.”

Players in ‘largest fraud case ever’ sentenced
San Antonio Express News. 21 Feb 2014

“Drug Enforcement Administration agent Phil Jordan of Dallas called the Arzola smuggling ring one of the largest in the nation.”

Reputed drug kingpin convicted of cocaine trafficking
UPI. 19 Dec 1987

“‘The crime here was less theft and more conflict,’ McHugh said. ‘I don’t see greed. There were no automobiles, trips to Las Vegas, things we’ve seen before. I just don’t see it in this case.'”

Ex-cleric gets probation, ‘scarlet F’ in bribery case. San Antonio Express News. 8 Aug 2014

“The scheme involved recruiting straw homebuyers, who were paid up to $3,000 in kickbacks for signing their names on loan paperwork for 17 properties whose loans were later allowed to go into default.”

Man admits role in mortgage fraud case
San Antonio Express News. 21 Jun 2011